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Sons & Daughters of the world

Parents are losing their loved ones and are not getting the help they need. We, S&D put pressure on the politicians and the authorities to bring awareness on getting the right deradicalization programs out there. The families need help while they are in the middle of a radicalization process. By doing so, they will get the tools to change the path their family is on and be able to combat violent extremism. Our families can't do it alone and they need all the support they can get. We help each other and understand what is going on. Our support system gives new families the help and we push with them to get the resources they need. Some of our kids have died but their memory lives on in us. Loosing a child is something no one should go through. When the pain is too hard to handle we reach out and support each other. No one understands us like we do. However, we are ordinary parents like you...

Some of us have jobs, some don't, some of us wear dresses and some wear cowboy pants. Some of us eat fish and some don't - just like you. We are your next door neighbours. Our kids are good kids and we have not raised them to be terrorists - someone else (recruiters) have targeted our youth, and given them something we could't give them. We need to pull them back! We support our sons and daughters around the world.

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