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Elegast is a dynamic Antwerp-based organisation which addresses its services to young people and their families. Our experiences in the field enable us to focus on current social needs. We are also always aware of the need to provide top quality care. In the 30 years since its establishment, Elegast has grown into an organisation which offers 24 forms of care. Providing assistance for neglected or abused young people, or minors who cannot reside at their parental home, parental assistance, preventative neighbourhood work, holidays for poverty-stricken families, or support for juvenile criminals, are just a few of the services we provide. Elegast reaches over 13.000 young people and their families per year. The most important goal within the provision of aid is to support clients, enabling them to develop in a free, respectful and responsible environment. Building on trust and dialogue, Elegast offers its clients the necessary tools to integrate and participate in our society.

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