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Dear ESTSS Conference visitor, 

if you have any questions about FAIR, Pericles, TERRA or Cohesion or you want to participate, please contact me.

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Magda Rooze 

projectmanager for FAIR, Pericles, TERRA and Cohesion

EU FAIR – Fighting against inmate radicalization, tackles the problem of radicalization in prisons, stimulating resilience to radicalization amongst general population prisoners and supporting de-radicalisation by providing trainings for both prison staff and detainees.


EU Pericles Pericles is developing practical tool to support law enforcement agencies in prevention and recognition of radicalization. Families are also an important target group for Pericles. We are developing a Family Information Portal containing information, practical support and advice for families.


EU TERRATERRA developed the TERRA Toolkit. This contains information for teachers, youth workers, religious leaders, police officers, prison and parole personnel, journalists and local and national governments on the prevention and recognition of radicalization.


EU CohesionResearch shows that people who actively participate in democracy are immune to radicalization. Cohesion is developing citizenship curricula for primary and secondary schools to stimulate active citizenship, critical thinking and respect for other points of view. Furthermore a school-based program for parents foster the bond between families and schools. Finally, teachers are empowered to discuss socially ‘difficult’ topics in class.

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